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PBN Link Building 2022

Private Blog Network (PBN) Link Building – How to Strategize in 2022

An Overview of SEO and Link Building

What is PBN Link Building in SEO? Every digital marketing expert might feel that it is a very idiotic question in this era. However, this is the biggest question for the millennials who are looking to take digital marketing (especially SEO) as their career.

To help every budding marketer in knowing PBN Link Building and its important factors.

Before diving into the PBN Link Building, let’s give an overview of SEO and why it is important for online-dependent businesses.

The fundamental part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s visibility in the organic search results of major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, & more.

By getting your website site into the millions of people, directly and indirectly improving your branding, business, and making you an industry leader.

To rank the website, everyone must know the following two factors:

  • What Search Engines Require.
    • What types of content search engine need for ranking your website for users query
    • How search engines work to identify, index, and provide content in search engine results pages
    • How you market yourself outside of your website (which is generally called Link Building).
  • What Users Require.
    • How you solve the users query through the content
    • How you navigate users easily to find their solution within the website

Fundamentals of Search Engine Algorithms to Rank Websites:

While search engines and technology are consistently evolving every day to improve searches, there are some basic elements that have remained unchanged from the earliest days of SEO.

  • Proper keyword research research & finding the right targeting keywords.
  • Building High-Quality Optimized Content.
  • The final one which is required in SEO is Link Building.

Every expert and budding marketer must be already aware of the writing quality content and how to do keyword research.

Now, we will discuss the Link Building strategies and their types in detail:

Ranking Factor – An Overview

In the past, Search engines like Yahoo most commonly used website content for ranking.

Later, when giant Search engines like Google, Bing evolved, the Link Building started playing a vital role in ranking.

For instance: PageRank Algorithm Update
At the start of the 20s, Google implemented the PageRank Algorithm that changed the game by not just analyzing the content of a page, but also looking at how many people linked to that page.

After 20 years, links are STILL the best way to find the quality of a webpage. 

That’s why backlink history is still Google’s go-to ranking signal.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is the process of building relevant and quality hyperlinks (usually called backlinks) to your website from external sites, which directly helps improve your ranking for your targeting keywords on the search engines.

In general, building links by sharing your knowledge through content with placing your website link organically on high-quality websites, image sharing, video sharing, Social media sharing, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, and public relations.

The most common one of the above processes is to do content marketing on:

  • Magazine sites (Generally called Guest Blogging Approach) 
  • Real Blogging Sites (Generally called Guest Blogging Approach) 
  • PBN Sites

Now, we can directly dig into the PBN and its Strategy, however, we will discuss the Guest Blogging Approach in the upcoming blogs in more detail.

What is a Private Blog Network?

A Private Blog Network abbreviated as PBN is a network of websites that are used to build a high quantity of backlinks for a single website.

PBN (private blog network) is a general link-building method in SEO that is usually considered black or gray hat SEO.

It has various parameters to differentiate it from other blogs.

Some Major Reasons for naming it as a PBN Network

  • Same level of IP Network
  • Registering with Same Name 
  • Different Extensions
  • Using Different Themes
  • Using Different Niche Articles

Different between Private Blog Network and Guest Blogging

Private Blog NetworkGuest Blogging
Using solely for backlinks purposeTo reach a wider range of search queries through content 

As well for backlinks
Preferred when increasing the quantity of the backlinks for the website in a short span of time.Preferred for increasing the quality of the backlinks for the website.
Hosting in the Same IP networkHosting in a different IP network
Not creating high-quality contentMostly using the high quality of content to satisfy users & Search engines.
Private blog networks are controlled exclusively by one set of users.Guest Blogging Sites are controlled exclusively by a different set of users.
Less Expensive BacklinksMore Expensive Backlinks
Difference between PBN Blog and Guest Blogging

How to choose PBN Sites for Link Building in 2022

To avoid high risk in choosing PBN Sites for building backlinks for your website, you must consider these parameters

  1. Niche Domain
  2. No Footprints
  3. Spam Score
  4. Domain History
  5. Verify “C” Class IP
  6. Who is registrar
  7. Domain Authority, Page Authority
  8. Domain Rating
  9. Referring Domains, & IPs

Tools to check your PBN Blog metrics

  • MOZ Tool for checking DA, PA, SPAM Score
  • SEMRush for checking traffic
  • ahref for checking Domain Rating

Posting content on PBN Sites for Building Backlinks

Before posting Content on PBN, you must aware of the following things

  • Choosing of Keywords
    • Generic Keywords (Click here)
    • Naked URL
    • Targeting Keyword for a page
  • Targeting Page
  • Content Creation (Minimum 500+)

PBN Link Building Service Providing Forums

Now, let’s look at how to find relevant, active forums that offer PBN link-building services.

  • Warrior Forum – Warrior Forum is the world’s largest Internet marketing marketplace and community for SEO services.
  • Fiverr – Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplace to provide the designing, SEO, content writing service & more
  • Private Businesses like webmathseo – There are more reputed service providers like webmathseo to provide the PBN, Guest Blogging, & more link building services in the digital marketing industry.

Check out the FREE SEO Tools to check your blog metrics.

Advantages of PBN Link Building

There are various advantages to PBN Link Building

  • Try with getting links for different Anchor Text & Inner Pages
  • Increasing Referring Domains
  • Results (SERP) in Short Span of Time
  • In Expensive

Some Disadvantages of PBN Link Building

  • Might spam your site (Risk of penalties -> Google Penguin Algorithm)
  • Not help in long term process
On a final note, any links that are only focused on building backlinks for a website will not keep you competing in the marketplace.

Search engines will penalize one time for sure and it impacts Search engine ranking. So, keep avoiding spammy backlinks. 

We recommend you build PBN Backlinks with the following Search engine algorithms and stay strong on the website rankings.

There are more options to build quality backlinks through PBN Networks

  1. Verify “C” class IP – Get backlinks from unique IPs
  2. Avoid Spun content for building backlinks
  3. Use Niche Based Domains
  4. Check with domain authority, page authority
  5. Check with Spam Score
  6. At most, use only 2 links per post

After building the backlinks, you must always take a look at backlink performance through webmaster, SEMrush, A Href Tools to know if it is penalized or giving positive boosting.

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